USB Rechargeable Electronic Candle Lighter



Don’t get any boring old lighters and get our uniquely designed Electronic Candle Lighter. It’s the perfect lighter to have in your kitchen. The candle lighter electric has a convenient design and can rotate in a 360 angle. This electric lighter candle has a nice handle to make sure you don’t drop it.


  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Its comfortable handle is anti-slip and perfect to hold in any angle.
  • FLEXIBLE: For any situation the lighter is able to turn in any 360 angle.
  • PERFECT FOR THE KITCHEN: Having this lighter in your kitchen instead of any old plain one will give it a modern look!
  • Rechargeable Battery:Arc lighters are powered by rechargeable Lithium-Ion 220mAh batteries that can be recharged just like your phone. No flame. No fuel. Fully charged about one hour ,more than 1000 times spark per charge(USB cable included).
  • 360° Flexible Elbow Design:A flameless Arc Lighter designed with rotation elbow head, can be rotated 360 degrees, it is very useful and suitable for different places.
  • Safety Lock and Windproof:Designed with safety in mind for your babies, the Arc Candle Lighter features a safety lock when not in use. When ready to light, just slide up the tip and press the activation button,electric pulse produced windproof splash-proof.
  • Long Handle and Wide Applications:New PLASMA Long Lighter Technology with a longer handle, keep a distance from burning your hand. can instantly light Party candles,fireplaces,incense,gas stove,wood wool,outdoor camping and BBQ .