Universal 360 Degree Magnetic Car Phone Holder

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Check this sleek and easy to use Universal 360 Degree Magnetic Car Phone Holder with a 100% magnetic phone mount as it simply hold your mobile phones to the mount without getting detach or fall easily.

Tired of holding your phone while driving? Stick it in the phone holder. Simply tap your phone to listen to your favorite song, call, checking on maps or GPS and more.

Also, to prevent penalties and ensure yourself and your passengers by going hands free. Adjust the angle to a position you like as this phone holder can turn to 360 degrees. It is a unique phone holder and can support all kinds of mobile phones with different sizes.

Offers secure attachment for gadgets including IOS, Android Phones, iPod Touch, and more. Buy it, use it and hit the road!
Charger: No
Compatible Brand: Universal
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Car Holder: Yes
Color: Silver, Gold, Rose Red

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