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Thermo-Magnetic Kneepad™

Thermo-Magnetic Kneepad™ is specially designed contains magnets strategically placed to surround the knee joint region, to help reduce pain and inflammation.

Magnetic therapy has been used for hundreds of years as a drug-free, non-invasive treatment for pain and swelling.

How It Works?

➤ Increase Blood Flow Magnetic fields are believed to attract and repel charged particles in the blood creating movement and heat. This would cause blood vessels to widen which accelerates healing by bringing in fresh oxygen and nutrients and removing toxins. This could all help to reduce inflammation and stiffness.

➤ Decrease Pain Magnetic fields are also thought to trigger the nervous system which reduces the pain signals sent to the brain thereby reducing the amount of pain felt.

➤ Promote General Well Being Magnetic therapy also reportedly benefits the whole body by improving sleep quality and activity levels as well as reducing stress.


➯ Ideal for those suffering from arthritis, ligament or deep tissue damage, sprains or sporting injuries.

➯ Soft and comfortable neoprene promotes natural heat release.

➯ Helps compress and support the injured area.

➯ Elastic stretch for comfort.

➯ Easy-close tabs for quick attachment and release.

➯ Lightweight and an be worn under most clothing.

➯ Ideal for men and women.

➯ Hand washable.

➯ One size fits all.