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The Walking Dead Color Changing Mug

Start your day off right with a quirky coffee mug that will make you smile! Why have a boring normal mug when you could have this great heat sensitive mug?! Heat sensitive material on the mug surface turns color when hot liquid is poured in. Add some fun to your daily life!

This amazing mug changing of color will truly make your day! It will bring a smile to your day when you wake up in the morning and have that first cup of joe, tea or hot chocolate. Perfect for horror fanatics!

  • Capacity: 350ml
  • Material: Ceramics
  • Color: Mainly Black 
 Don't expose under the sunshine for long time
 Don't scrape on the printing with sharp tools
 Wash with hand, not suitable for dishwasher machine.
 Water temperature should be over 70°C/158°F5. Be careful with hot water!
 Package include: 1 x Mug