Tactical Flashlight



Special tri-color ray: It’s powerful technology allows the flashlight to contain 3 colors without color – white for daily work lighting, green for remote calls – red for accidents or repairs.Intelligent power reminder: switch light flashing judgment (0% red flashing 1 time – more than 25% flashing 2 times – more than 50% flashing 3 times – more than 75% 4 times – charging is completed to turn green), switch power reminder (100% green -40% yellow -20% red-ray -10% – 5% red-ray flashing).

Super bright and long life: Easily illuminate the entire room or focus on objects over 670 feet! 10 times brighter than the old incandescent lamp. The flashlight can be easily powered for hours using an 1865 rechargeable battery.

Rugged and reliable: Waterproof to IP65, designed for heavy rain. – Compact and sturdy nails, this LED flashlight can withstand a 4-foot drop or be temporarily submerged in water.

90-degree rotation and magnetic tail capsize and steel body clips: 8 useful settings (low-medium-high-strobe-SOS-green-red-red-red strobe) it is used at home, dog walk, Special work scenes, ideal for tactical flashlights Magnetic tail cap flashlights are safely connected to any black metal surface for free use, hunting, camping or fishing. It is very compact and can be placed in a toolbox or backpack.

Product description

It is a tactical flashlight for a variety of uses including camping, hiking, mountaineering, mountaineering, hunting, fishing, cycling, car repair, self-defense, surveillance, law enforcement and military operations, search and rescue, tactical training, etc.

More features:

1. The maximum output is 950 lumens, and the minimum running time is 100 hours.

2. High red/green light mode is especially suitable for vehicle maintenance oil leak detection and outdoor applications.

3. The battery capacity indicator shows the remaining battery
4. Reverse battery protection prevents damage to the flashlight and battery5. Large, smooth tail interface that can be used upright like a candle during a power outage.

6. Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, military III hard anodized, wear-resistant, portable

7. A tempered glass lens plated with an AR film. The GREE XPG2 S2 is used for durability and scratch resistance.

8. Maximum output 950 lumens main light with 8 lighting modes (low-medium-high-strobe-SOS-green-red-red strobe) It is used at home, dog walk, special work scene, tactics Ideal for flashlights Magnetic tail cap flashlights are safely connected to any black metal surface for free use, hunting.

Battery: 1x 18650

Dimensions: 138 mm (5.43 inches) (length) * 26.8 mm (1.05 inches) (head)

Working voltage: 3-4.2V

Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum, military II hard anodized

Waterproof: IP65 for severe weather condition