Stainless Steel Meat Tenderizer Injector



Quickly marinate your grub with our Meat Tenderizer Injector!

 Designed to maximize flavor while lessening prep time, our tenderizer injector makes cooking meat at home much easier and tastier!

Just place your marinade into the injector and the built-in piston releases it into the meat with a needle-shaped applicator. Now you have marinated meat on the outside and inside!


  • MARINATE YOUR MEAT FASTER AND EASIER: This meat tenderizer injector is meant for those who want to save on time, without compromising flavor!
  • INJECTS FLAVOR DEEP INTO YOUR MEAT: It can be difficult getting your marinade deep into the insides of your meat. Our tenderizer injector changes that!
  • MADE WITH STAINLESS STEEL: We use 304 stainless steel for the injection needle so it injects into any type of meat with ease!
  •  EASY TO USE: Using this is quick and easy. Just add your marinade into the injector and start injecting your meat!
  • COMES WITH SECURE STORAGE COVER: Use our storage cover to keep your tools clean and your kitchen organized!


  • Material:  304 stainless steel, ABS