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Safety Handle Anti-Slip Grab Bar

Getting in and out of the shower or bathtub can be very slippery, especially for children, elderly, and the disabled. Our shower handle grab bar will prevent accidents and keep you assured of safety. Our suction cups have a stronger suction power and will not fall off over time!

The grab bar is sturdy and comfortable. You do not need to worry if your hands are wet as it has an anti-slip feature, thanks to the ribbed grip handles. Providing safety and security in slippery locations helps prevent unfortunate accidents.

  • MATERIAL – High-Quality ABS.The color is in Grey like the picture shows(But the color may be a little different because of different screen resolution).
  • STRONG ADSORPTION - Suction design allows it to attaches to the smooth area and flat surfaces firmly.(without water/texture surface, because it will remain air inside the suction cup, then the handle may not hold), if your tile is with lines, make sure the suction cup will not cover the lines.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP - Molded, contours design offer comfortable feeling for you, just like the bike handle grip.
  • STURDY - Extremely sturdy. Supports up to 300 lbs.For use on non-porous, flat surfaces. Including tile, glass, acrylic, and fiberglass. 

Instructions to use:

  1. The item must be mounted on a clean, smooth, no porous surface. Ensure the surface is in good condition and clean using non-abrasive soap and water
  2. Ensure the suction cup is wholly within the tile and does not cross any grout lines 
  3. With the tabs in the raised position, press the bath or shower support bar firmly on to the surface. This will expel air from under the suction cup 
  4. Press the tabs all the way down to ensure an airtight seal 
  5. Repeat Step 4 and STEP 5 on the other side of the support bar 
  6. Ensure the Support Bar is securely attached before use