Plant Self Watering Carrot Spike Bulb


This Cute and Creative Carrot Will Water Your Plants Automatically While Your Away!
Simply fill your Creative Automatic Plant Watering Carrots Device and it will slowly drip water into your plants so it stays nice and hydrated everyday.
  • Automatic Plant Watering
    A cute carrot design self-watering system that ensures your plants always have enough moisture without having to water everyday.
  • Hydrates Plants While Your Away
    Don’t worry about your plants while on vacation, it keeps your plants irrigated for up to 7 days ( May vary due to plant type, size, environment etc. ) Slow drip irrigation through the tip, drips water when the soil gets dry.
  • Easy & Effortless Installation
    Just simply stick the waterer into the soil and let it do the irrigating. You’ll know when to add water by the height of the carrot’s leaves. It fits on medium to large plants.
  • Grow Healthier Plants
    Automation watering prevents under and overwatering, promoting healthier roots. Plus, no overflow means won’t lose any soil or nutrients in your plants.


  • Size:23.2*5 cm
  • Material:Plastic+Red pottery
  • Function:Automatic watering,Uniform water seepage,No harm to plants,Durable
  • Style:Cute modeling
  • Plant self watering spikes x 2 Pcs/