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One Finger Safety Cutter

The cutter actually feels like an extension of my hand and it is so much safer to use than a box cutter.

This marvelous cutting tool designed to be worn on the fingertip like a thimble, uses a small ceramic blade to cut open plastic and paper packaging with a swipe of your finger.

One Finger Safety Cutter body 1


  • Makes gift wrapping easier.
  • Comfortably can fit on each finger.
  • Safety cutter allows you to cut items with one finger.

One Finger Safety Cutter body 2

  • This blade was specially designed to be safe on skin, removing the chance of accidental injury.
  • Rubber cutter Ideal for opening tricky packaging, boxes, envelopes and more.
  • Especially appreciated by those with arthritis or lack of grip strength.

One Finger Safety Cutter body 4

Package includes:

  • 1* Finger cutter