Natural Straight Hair Extensions


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About Extensions Halo Hair :
1.【Double Fixed with Fish Line and Clips–More Stable, Human Hair–Can Be Styled】Both fish line and 4 clips, more Stable. If you don’t need clips, just take out them. 100% human hair can be dyed and styled. We offer extra 2 clips and 2 fish lines for replacement: the elastic fish line is 10 inches long, more comfortable; the inelastic fish line is 9.25 inches, more stable.
4. 【Best Ratio of Length to Weight】12″-14″: 70g, 16″-18″: 80g, 20″: 100g. Width: 10inch. 1 pack is for adding length, 2 packs for adding volume.
12 inches = 30cm,70g
* 14 inches = 35cm,70g
* 16 inches = 40cm,80g
* 18 inches = 45cm,80g
* 20 inches = 50cm,100g
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