Mushroom Strain Growing Bag


  • The large size is suitable for your any needs. And the transparent mushroom bags makes it easy to observe the growth of the mushrooms and it is easy to be stored.
  • Thick Polypropylene Material: this thick polypropylene material will still not easy to crack and break, protection of your mushroom or other plants.
  • With 0.2 Micron Protection Pad: This 0.2 Micron Protection Pad for gas exchange, which is beneficial to the growth of mushrooms, while preventing other from entering the bag, ensure the mushroom can grow normal and healthy.
  • Our mushroom grow bags is suitable for many different sorts.
  • Size: 180x500x0.06mm


  • Suitable for mushrooms, mushrooms, grains-
  • Square gusset bags can help increase the number of mushrooms-
  • Using these bags to lay eggs during the production process can shorten the mycelial fermentation cycle.
  • The ventilation window design saves a lot of labor, you do not need to drill and oxygenate. And it can separate bacteria through nanotechnology.
  • Polypropylene, high temperature resistance.