Luncheon Meat Slicer Stainless Steel



The cutting steel wire is made of high quality stainless steel wire, and the steel wire is firmly connected with the appliance, which is sharp and durable. The main body is made of high quality ABS resin. It is tough and difficult to deform and easy to clean. Special skid proof grooves are placed on the main body of the lunch meat. When used, the luncheon meat can be firmly stuck, which is more stable and practical. The slicer can slice slices of food without cutting tools, and the spacing between steel wires is uniform.


Material: stainless steel and ABS
Usage: cutting out the lunch meat evenly

Warm Tips:

1.To prepare the ingredients to be sliced, sausages, slicers, sliced containers, etc.
2.To put the sausages on the slicer, then pull the cutting part with the steel wire down to fit the sausage, adjust the position of the sausage, and let the edges not be exposed to the steel wire.
3.To press on the base of the slicer with one hand and the other hand press down the cutting part to the bottom.


1 x Lunch Meat Slicer