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LED Strip Lights Kit With Wireless Remote Controller


  1. 5050 strips are soldered by 0.5 meters small strips.
  2. RGB strip has 4 wires. Each 0.5 meters can be cut. 
  3. Red, green, blue, yellow, white and warm white strip only has two wires. Each 3 diodes can be cut.
  4. This product is non- waterproof.


  • Chip Model: 5050
  • PCB Width: 10mm
  • Width: 5m
  • Power: 28W - 42W
  • Lumen: 3000lm - 3500lm
  • Color Temperature: White: 6000K - 7000K, Warm White: 3000K - 4000K
  • Power: DC 12V 5A 60W


  1. Decoration or lighting for building outlines, landscape illumination.
  2. Holiday light sculpture, decorative figure, active signs, displays, shop window.
  3. Bar, sidewalk, deck, park, porch, staircase, railing, ceiling, or driveway.