LED Bluetooth Name Badge

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You can do a DIY program by mobile phone via Bluetooth anywhere at any time

Global language

Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, and so on.

Application Range

Party, exhibition, restaurant, waiter, guide, model car, model bus, driver, uber, promotion, sales person, as a LED sign, you can use it anyplace.

What is the size

The size is 93*30mm. The pixel is 11*44.

How to program it by mobile phone

1. Search LED badge in Play Store(Andriod) or APP Store (IOS) and download it. 2. Open mobile phone Bluetooth. 3. Press the LED badge power button again to open Bluetooth mode, you will see a Bluetooth logo on the LED badge. 4. Edit something and set effect or border. 5. Click Send.

How to charge

It is like a mobile phone. Just connect the USB cable to power. After fully charging, it can work for 12 to 24 hours.

How to program it by computer

1. Download windows software 2. Connect the USB cable to the computer. 3. Edit text and set effect. 4. Click send.

How to download computer software

1. You can get it from the CD if your computer has a CD driver. 2. You can download it from the link if your computer has no CD driver. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AEUNm24t5i45nsrwH6fysturZUFly52E

What can it display

1. Text, digits, pattern. 2. Text effect can be a scroll, fix, laser, snow, split, and so on, 3. Can set borderline, flashing text, and change the font.


Brightness can adjust via long-press the brightness button

How to install

1. Use magnet 2. Use pin

Package includes

1. Box 2. LED badge 3. Instruction 4. Magnet 5. Pin 6. CD