Hanging Bird Feeder Metal Mesh Wild Finch Bird Feeder


  • PERSONALIZED DESIGN – Unique cat-shaped design and made of high-quality retro metal materials. This bird feeder will add a beautiful landscape to your garden. In addition, the bird feeder base provides a lot of space for birds to roost
  • ATTRACT WILD BIRD – Hanging wild bird feeders will attract the attention of birds. Let the birds roost and enjoy the seed food, you can watch them from the window, deck or terrace
  • LARGE CAPACITY – You can fill this bird feeder. It can hold various seeds to attract birds, such as peanuts, black oil sunflower seeds, safflower seeds to attract cardinals, tits, house finches, birds, bluebirds, warblers, starlings, etc
  • EASY TO FILL & MONITOR – The top of the bird feeder can be opened to facilitate your feeding. The metal grid is also more convenient for you to view food at any time and replenish food in time
  • NOTE – Wipe the bird feeder regularly with a towel to keep it clean and tidy. When it rains, try to take it back to the room to prevent the rain from damaging your seed food