Grow Bags Nonwoven Fabric Garden Potato Pot


  • PREMIUM THICKENED NONWOVEN FABRIC – Thick and durable 400g felt grow bags excel with absorbing and retaining moisture, preventing water leakage through the walls of the grow bags whilst allowing superior air circulation throughout the root system.
  • SUPERIOR AIR CIRCULATION  – Compared to non-permeable pots where roots begin to circle as they reach the perimeter looking for air, our Eco-friendly grow bags allow circulation through 360 degrees promoting stronger, healthier root systems. This in turn improves yield as well as growth within the potato grow bags which are also ideal for any other vegetable without deep roots.
  • REINFORCED HANDLES  – Sturdy handles allow bags to be moved to any location with ease. These grow bags are ideal for balconies, verandas, courtyards, patios, gardens and greenhouses and can be moved easily from any indoor area to outdoor areas using the premium reinforced handles.
  • DESIGNED FOR EASE  – Use the cleverly designed Velcro window to check on the plant growth status throughout and then to assist with harvesting ripe items without the need to dig through clay soil within the vegetable planter or growing bags. Ideal large outdoor garden pots and planters.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION  – These grow bags are ideal for but not limited to growing potatoes, onions, carrots, radishes, turnips, garlic, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, chilli peppers, strawberry, aubergines, courgettes and many more vegetable plants. Ideal as a potato planter. Plant pot large.