Folding LED Light



The LED pendant light can be folded flexibly, which takes less space in the house; When it is open, the lighting area is wide and super bright.

Super brightness with the advanced energy-saving chip, made of premium Aluminum alloy heat-high-temperature resistant and corrosion resistant, our led deformable lights save up to 80% compared with traditional incandescent bulbs. With 5 Ultra-bright Adjustable Aluminum LED heads, the Garage ceiling light features LED technology with 6*20 PCS top quality diodes that produce a more pure white-color output.

The lampshade with high light transmittance, uniform illumination, anti-dazzle, and no flicker, create a comfortable environment for your eye. It can save more than 80% energy which compared with traditional incandescent lights. The light lifetime will be last more than 30,000 hours, so you won’t worry will replace the light frequently.