Fibroepithelial Polyp Removal Patch


Combat Skin Tags, Acnes and Blemishes with the Skin Tag and Acne Master Patch!
Our Skin Tag and Acne Master Patch is a pack of innovative stickers that work to eliminate Acnes and Skin Tags. Its revolutionary Hydrocolloid and Salicylic Acid ingredient can Effectively Remove Skin Tags, Moles and Acnes while also Protect your pimples from dirt and Ensure Faster Healing.

Our Patch is made of a special absorbent material, which can provide more effective protection on your acne and absorb pus and fluids.

They are 4 times thicker than other Patches. They are virtually invisible and perfectly disguises acnes and Tags!


  • PROTECTION WITH HYDROCOLLOID FORMULA – Protects your pimples from dirt, prevents picking, keeps it clean
  • INVISIBLE – 4 times thicker than normal
  • FAST ADHESIVE – With the absorbent material, it can absorbs pus and fluids 4 times faster than other brands
  • NATURAL – 100 % safe & do not contain chemicals


  • Material: Hydrocolloid
  • Size : 12mm/ 5.7mm


  • Acne Master Patch x 36 patches