Dancing Daisy Sprinkler Watering Sprayer Garden


  • FUNNY & COOL: This crazy flower-shaped sprinkler will dance and rage while watering your yard or garden, and it looks hilarious while doing so! Your kids will also be entertained for hours as it does the crazy turns. A perfect solution to watering your garden and entertaining your kids at the same time.
  • EFFECTIVE WATERING: This sprinkler is more convenient than manual sprinkling, and not complicated like the underground ones which need professionals to install and maintain. Getting such a sprinkler will keep your small garden at home flourished and evergreen.
  • HIGH-GRADE QUALITY: It’s made from high-grade plastic material and stainless steel. The plastic dual spike base attaches to any standard garden hose. It’s non-toxic, durable, and suitable for a small agriculture project, courtyard, or garden irrigation.
  • EASY TO USE: Just connect to a standard garden hose and start watering your garden. If the normal faucet supply pressure is small and cannot make the daisy dance. A 2/3 water pipe adapter is needed and is connected to the white port at the bottom of the daisy. This adapter is readily available in supply stores.

Our brand new product for a great use on garden lawn/grass!!! Push it into soft soil, connect to hose, turn water on and fun begins! It’ll not only rinse your garden and plants by jetting water, but it will also be great fun for your kids and yourself!


So simple, just place it wherever you wish in your garden. Having double sharp end, it is easy to be inserted into soil and to be placed at your convenience. Measure water pressure and see how it unpredictably swings around and jets water on your lawn, garden and plants – any surface at approximately 3 meters (9.84 ft)!* *always depending on water pressure

It presents much more interesting option than other traditional garden watering tools! A little change that will put a smile on all your visitors faces and make your kids happy on a sunny warm day! So why wait any longer?