Cute Animal Faucet Extender for Kids



The cute animal faucet extender, very good for kids, is unique and fashionable. With a friendly animal face, it’s a perfect accessory for your kids. It is a great tool to develop your children’s handwashing habits. Since children are not tall enough for the tap, this tool will help them reach for the tap.


  • Faucet Handle Extender Set: Convenient for install, no tools or assembly required. Simply attach to cartoon handle extender to the sink handle and the faucet extender to the faucet. Make washing hands fun and teaches your baby or child good habits and promote independence to them.
  • Form Habits for Hand Washing: Faucet extender designed of arc nozzle, help to gather water, reduce splash, prevent kids from wetting and save water, bring water closer to kids and make hand-washing easier and funny. Let kids form the habit of hand-washing.


  • Size Approx:
  • Elephant / Dolphin Size: 9x11x6cm
  • Duck Size: 9x7x7cm