Cake Spray Table


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You can then place your cake onto the stand and use another tube to cut and pick out the center of the cake then place the -up cake surprise mechanism. Once that’s out, you can place your cake platform onto the stand and line up the top of your cake perfectly with the inner-tube. Then finish off your cake again to make it look like just a normal cake again.

The Cake is a stand that hides a secret gift inside the cake that automatically pops out to give them the scare before realizing that a secret awesome gift is waiting for them to open up.

A small little key-ring-type device is located towards the bottom of the stand where a parent or creator of the cake can use to trigger the middle tube to open the internal gift from the top of the cake. How it works is, before you put your pre-made cake onto the unique popping cake stand just place a gift, whether it’s cash, a new phone, candies, or other awesome stuff into the tube in the center of the cake stand. Then just press the tube down into the launching mechanism.

The surprise -up cake tube gift is compatible with cakes that measure up to 12 inches in diameter x 6 inches tall. If you prefer to use cupcakes instead of cake, there’s also a version that has two tiers that hold cupcakes. The gift pod on the inside of the cake will protect your gift from the elements of the cake and can be loaded with essentially anything that’ll fit into the pod, be it edible or non-edible goods. Although it’s especially great for gifting a new smartphone!