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Bed Sheet Clip Fasteners 4pcs Set

There's no way to start the day wrong when you have the Bed Sheet Clip Fasteners to keep your bed wrinkle-free. 

Made with heavy duty cords that safely reduces fabric tension, these fasteners provide the easiest solution for messy and wrinkled bed sheets. If you want to save time in making the bed in the morning, or after kids play on the bed, then the fasteners will be your new BFF.

Make sure to grab some today! 

  • Color: Black
  • Material: High-quality, heavy-duty elastic cords with nickel-plated clips
  • Adjustable elastic clip that provides strong grip
  • Reduces fabric tension
  • Anti-slip snaps that are secured and easy to attach 
  • Time-saving. Keeps sheets neat, tidy, and wrinkle-free 
  • Wide applications. Fits flat and fitted sheets 
  • Product size: 9-17.5 in 
  • Your order includes: 4 x Bed Sheet Clip Fasteners