Baby Sitting Support Plush Sofa Seat



Is your baby learning to sit? This Baby Sitting Support Plush Sofa Seat gives your baby the support he or she needs to figure out how to sit up on their own!

Now you can do your daily chores easily while your baby sits comfortably in the warmth of the Sofa Seat, observes the surroundings, and develops sensory-motor skills.

Designed for toddlers 3-24 months of age. It is comfy, snugly, and stabilizes your baby’s back while protecting them from tipping forward or sliding out.


  • Comfortable and Safe Design: The upright sitting position of the Baby Sitting Support Plush Sofa Seat helps to prevent after-meal reflux and provides 360 degree support o your baby while he/she learns how to sit.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Now, travel hassle-free with your little one. Baby Sitting Support Plush Sofa Seat is extremely lightweight and easy to carry.No matter where you are, your baby will have their own personal comfortable seat.
  • Premium Quality: It is hypoallergenic and gentle on your baby’s skin. Made of high-quality plush and PP cotton this sofa is easy to clean and store.