Baby Head Protection Pad



We mothers know how energetic and unbothered our children seem to be; they love to run around the house, climb on furniture, and leap constantly. However, since they are still learning, the little ones end up venturing and taking risks while they are having fun. Extreme falls can also occur, much to the dismay of parents and caregivers. According to the Ministry of Health and Human Services, accidental falls are the main cause of hospitalization of children aged 0 to 10 years.

And, if left untreated, the cranial deformity can lead to aesthetic as well as functional problems with the organs in the head.
Moreover, cranial deformity causes visible damage to the infant, as can be seen by misalignment of the ears, eyes, and head shape.

The Baby Head Protection Pad, made of cotton and polyester, was designed, tested, and approved by specialized professionals with a focus on preventing damage caused by collisions, enabling your little one to explore their first steps in comfort and safety.

Have you ever imagined letting your baby explore this world more freely without you worrying about possible falls for 24 hours?

The Baby Head Protection Pad, gives you that peace of mind and allows your baby to develop his instincts with more fun, safety, comfort and accelerates the learning of his first steps.

With Baby Head Protection Pad, it looks like this:

Impact absorption: protection for the baby’s head and upper back in case of falling backward. Resistant, light, adjustable, washable, and easy to wear. It allows air circulation in the head. Your baby will have a new companion, and your walk will be even more fun. Antiallergic: in addition to being very soft, the garment is not allergic and does not hurt your baby.