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Anti-theft Disc Brake Rotor Lock

Thieves are everywhere! They always come whether it is night or day. You must have experience hearing from people that their vehicles are being stolen. You don't want that to happen to you right? Don't be the next victim! This disc brake lock immobilizes vehicle to prevent ride-away theft!

Anti-theft Disc Brake Rotor Lock has a solid invincible-looking design will deter thieves. It is lightweight, easy to install.  Mechanical lock core is rigorous design so that technical opening is very difficult. It is it extra difficult to remove without the key.

Suitable for Motorcycle, folding bicycle, geared bicycle, trial bike, recumbent and so on.


  • Firmly locked security lock, practical for security protection in outside. 
  • High quality, this firmly locked security lock will make you feel alright for everything. 
  • This anti-theft disc brake lock is specially designed for bike and motorbike. 
  • Light weight and easy installation, Install it to the brake blade to keep your bike safety. 
  • This Motorcycle Disc Brakes Rotor Lock Security Bicycle Lock is suitable for motorcycle, electromobile, bicycle etc. 


  • Size: approx. 2.17*1.77/5.5*4.4(length*Width)
  • Color: Red, Blue, Black
  • Net Weight: 116g