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9 Holes Indoor Garden Cabinet Box Grow Kit Garden Pots Planter

Fill your home with plants and flowers? Bright colored flower brings lively and pleasant feeling to your home.

If you love planting, you must have 9 Holes Indoor Garden Cabinet Box Grow Kit Garden Pots Planter. Plant vegetables, salad greens, flowers and your favorite culinary herbs without worrying about weather conditions.

You can make a small garden inside your home. A perfect hobby for grandmothers and mommies who loves planting at home! 


  • Durable, water-saving drought, not easily deformed, corrosion-resistant, biodegradable, breathable
  • The Hydroponic System is tested by RoHS, and the nutrient solution meets the drinking water standard.
  • The overall sense of strong, elegant and beautiful shape, conducive to a variety of planting operations and plant growth.
  • The cover and colonization basket with dark material, effectively prevent the beam into the basin bowl, thereby reducing the nutrient solution inside the growth of green algae.
  • PP (polypropylene) made of new materials, in line with the requirements of food packaging materials

Application: Balcony garden, green project, office, home furnishings, home gardening, shopping malls, flower garden nursery production, hotel


  • Model: 641814
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size:41x28x14cm
  • Color: Pink / Blue / Light green (You can choose any color as you like)
  • Voltage: 110v

1. Soak the seeds for 3-6 hours, then w-rap them in a wet gauze and put them in 15-20 degrees.
2. Sponge on the water out of the air, soak for two hours, washed twice with water
3. put the sponge on the colonization basket, the exposed side of the depth of 2-3 mm down (long type of seed to flat)
4. Put the planting basket into the bottom of the tank, according to the proportion of different plant species corresponding to the nutrient solution, such as vegetables, growth period of nutrient solution dilution ratio of 1: 200, the nursery dilution ratio of 1: 400
5. the planting box into the window of the sun before the nursery, about two weeks, grow three leaves can be transplanted
6. Remove the side of the seedlings, in accordance with the nutritional requirements of the preparation of nutrient solution
7. transplant the seedlings into the planting hole, place the sunny place, turn on the power oxygenation, one day to ensure that oxygen 8 hours, concerned about the buoy position, green for the safe area, red for the alert area (to the red had to add nutrition liquid)
8. Plant grow up, the nutrient solution level, which is conducive to growth
9. According to different plants, 4-8 weeks after the harvest can be

Package includes:

  • 1 x Tank
  • 1 x Buoy deck
  • 1 x Buoy
  • 9 x Sponge pieces
  • 1 x Air pump
  • 1 x Blasted stone
  • 1 x Tweezers
  • 9 x Colonization basket