50Ft Flexible Stainless Steel Garden Hose


  • PREMIUM MATERIAL – Made of premium quality 304 stainless steel for supreme durability. Anti-Corrosion and Rust-Proof, Kink and Puncture Resistant, Dog Chew Proof, Tear and Weather Proof, UV Resistant. guarantee the longer service lifespan of stainless steel metal garden hoses.
  • FLEXIBLE, ANTI-ENTANGLING – 10feet metal garden hose can be bent to a large degree without tangling and kinking. If you often need to use a hose, you can quickly and easily connect the faucet, it is easy to roll up and store after use.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO CARRY – Lightweight metal hoses and nozzles will not make you feel heavy. You can easily transport metal hoses anywhere.
  • EXTENDABLE DESIGN – When one metal hose doesn’t reach the length you need, every two can be connected to make it longer as required. Support varying nozzles for multiple purposes.

This is one hose Super high cost performance ratio the dog won’t be able to chew through!

As it’s made from quality stainless steel it’s also resistant to other tears and punctures as well as corrosion and damage from the sun.

It’s also very lightweight and flexible, won’t kink and rolls up easily. It comes with adaptors so it’s compatible with standard taps and fittings.

We made it more practical so you and your families can use it everyday in your home. Well thought design with practicality in mind & the highest quality materials—— that’s what you get when you purchase a Flexible Stainless Steel Garden Hose.

Two layers of tubing

  • Not just one layer, but multiple layers of tubing
  • Inner tubings are all encased in our 304 Stainless Steel exterior so they will never tear, burst or kink even when used with high pressure water flow..

Unique Spray Nozzle

  • The packages comes with one nozzle
  • Choose whatever mode you like from 5 modes

Lightweight & Easy to carry and store

  • Super lightweight, 50FT only 5 LBS, easy to carry and store.
  • Our Stainless Steel hose never kinks or tangles, flexible enough to move easily from one place to another