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5 Pcs Egg Mold Stainless Steel Set

The Stainless Steel Fried Egg Mold instanly makes you an expert on making fried eggs! With these creative kitchen tools, you can add more fun to your breakfast by making all kinds of available shapes!

This amazing gadget is made of Lightweight Durable Stainless Steel, making it so convenient that you could bring it to anywhere you want! It is Food-Safe, allowing you to cook your eggs without worrying anything!

It is designed to be compact in size, and it is Extremely Easy to be cleaned. Just wash it with some soap and water, and you’re done! No sharp edges or hidden edges at all!

Besides being a fried egg mold, some customers wrote some feedback to us that it is actually perfect for pancakes, egg muffins, mini pancakes, small omelets, poached eggs, burgers & more! So what are you waiting for? Get this 2-in-1 mold right now!

The entire set comes with 5 pieces of a mold with different shapes:

Heart Shape
Round Shape
Flower Shape
Star Shape
Mouse Ear Shape


  • Size: 10*8.5*1.5cm
  • Material: Lightweight & Durable Stainless Steel