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Meat Tenderizer Injector

This innovative tool is the simple secret to the most tender, flavorful meats and poultry you've ever tasted. The key to the Flavor Enhancer's impressive performance is a unique two-in-one system that tenderizes foods while injecting them with your favorite marinades.
  • Dual-purpose tool simultaneously tenderizes and flavors meats and poultry.
  • Just fill the chamber with marinade, then press the plunger until all the savory liquid has been injected into your food.
  • Three flavor needles ensure marinades penetrate deep into the food.
  • Adjustable stainless-steel tenderizing blades have two depth settings for different types of meat.
  • Tool locks closed for safe storage—and comes apart for easy cleaning.
  • Great for roasts, steaks, chops, poultry pieces and whole birds.
  • Easy to use & Easy to clean