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Kitchen Cockroach Trap Box

Are you pissed seeing a cockroach or other insects crawling in your kitchen, comfort room or anywhere in your house? You can't monitor them especially when they come at night? Here's the best way to get them even if you are sleeping. Try our product the Kitchen Cockroach Trap Box!

Ideal for home use and do not need to operate with a power source. Convenient for catching cockroach and other insects. Keep them trap and never get out of the box.

The cockroach will be attracted by the smell and they will be trapped in the box since the baffle can’t be opened from inside. Set several traps in a big area for better trapping performance!



  • DOUBLE STACK DESIGN: Allows you to catch maximal amount of roaches as they enter the bottom, become trapped and move to the top allowing others inside.
  • BAIT CONVENIENT & SIMPLE: Biscuits, cereal, chocolate, sesame oil, butter, fish meal, peanut butter, oatmeal, insect bait or other non-toxic cockroach bait. Simply place some poison bait for roaches may be effective, but it also causes another problem: they may die in any corners of your house that it's difficult to notice, not sanitary and their dead bodies also will attract other creatures.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Sun exposure, boiled alive or set free.
  • SAFE & ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: Kid safe and pet safe as a standalone cockroach trap without any dangerous chemicals, roach spray, cockroach gel, roach poison or ultrasonic pest repeller.